HDBaseT Lite mottagare, 4K, HDR, PoH, AVLC, OAR

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Mottagaren PUV-1730LRX-AVLC gör det möjligt att ta emot video, upp till och med 4K UHD med 10/12-bitdjup och HDR, med hjälp av den nya AVLC (Adaptive Visually Lossless Compression) tekniken, tillsammans med HD-ljud, IR båda hållen, RS-232 och Power over HDBaseT upp till 35 meter, dessutom klarar den att skicka tillbaka en optisk signal  till sändarplatsen. Detta möjliggör integration av till exempel en tv:s  inbyggda ljud i ett multirum-system placerat i ett centralt rack.

Full [email protected], 4:4:4, HDR 18Gbit/s kan skickas upp till 35m med en Cat6A/Cat7.

FullHD samt 4K upp till 4:2:0 utan HDR kan skickas upp till 70 m i samma kabel.

The new PUV-1730LRX-AVLC Receiver enables video resolutions up to 4K UHD including 10/12-bit HDR10 & Dolby Vision, to be received along with HD audio, 2-Way IR, RS-232, PoH (Power over HDBaseT) signals from a distance of 70m. This solution provides advanced signal management ensuring reliable results in the most demanding installation environments. All audio, video, control, and power are received simultaneously over a single CAT6a/7 cable up to 70m. Using the OAR (Optical Audio Return) feature, audio can be sent from the display or local source back to the TX.

Despite the 10.2Gbps limitation of HDBaseT™ technology, this groundbreaking product enables data rates of up to 18Gbps to be received using AVLC (Adaptive Visually Lossless Compression) Technology. The receiver enables 4KUHD sources up-to and including [email protected] (4:4:4 8-bit) as well as 10/12 bit sources with HDR (Including Dolby Vision) to be received over distance from a compatible transmitter. The result is a perfect 6G 4K visually lossless image delivered to the display screen.


  • HDBaseT™ convergence: High-Definition video and audio, PoH (Power over HDBaseT) and control (Bi-Directional IR & RS-232 pass through)
  • Supports up-to 4K UHD (18Gbps, 4K @50/60Hz 4:4:4 8-bit) video output
  • AVLC (Adaptive Visually Lossless Compression)
  • AVLC Features manual selection between High Quality and Standard compression from TX (Useful for longer cable runs)
  • Supports 10-bit and 12-bit HDR (High Dynamic Range)
  • Supports output resolutions up to 4K @50/60Hz (4:4:4 8-bit)
  • Supports Deep Colour input and output up to 12-bit
  • Supports CEC Bypass
  • OAR (Optical Audio Return) returning audio to the TX from the Optical input
  • 4K 3G Timings and 1080p up-to 70 Metres, 4K 6G Timings upto 35 Metres
  • Supports pass-through of HD audio formats: LPCM 2/5.1/7.1CH, Dolby Digital 2/5.1CH, Dolby Digital Plus, Dolby TrueHD, Dolby Atmos and DTS-HD Master Audio
  • Supports 3D signals


Input:1x RJ45 [1x HDBaseT HDMI & Propriety Data]
1x Toslink [1x OAR pathway DTS / Dolby Digital / 2 Channel LPCM]
1x 3.5mm Stereo mini-jack [1x Infra Red Receiver]
Output:1x HDMI [1x HDMI Uncompressed AV and Data]
1x 3.5mm Stereo mini-jack [1x Infra Red Emitter]
1x 9pin Dsub [1x RS-232 Data]

Power Supplied by:PoH
165mm [W] x 80mm [D] x 20mm [H]

Net. Weight:335g
Gross Weight:2000g

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