LongReach CCTV IP PoE Extender Kit 30W

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Om du vill koppla in en IP kamera som sitter långt bort så har du här ett kit som gör det möjligt.
Koppla ihop en CCTV PoE IP Kamera med en LAN switch upp till 300 meter bort via en enkel 75 ohms koaxial kabel.
Det finns möjlighet att dra Cat kabel upp till ytterligare 100 meter.

The LongReach CCTV IP PoE Extender Kit, 30W allows one IP camera (30 Watts) to be connected up to 980 ft (300 m) via a single 75-ohm coax cable in a point-to-point configuration. The maximum distance depends on the grade and quality of coaxial cable. An optional 48-56VDC (40W) Power Supply can be used if required.

Typical applications:
Hotels and Casinos,
Commercial complexes

Supports one IP PoE camera via one Coax cable
Up to 330 feet ( 100 meter ) on the LAN connection
Include wall-mount brackets
Supports CCTV IP PoE cameras up to 30W
Up to 980 feet ( 300 meter ) via coax@100Mbps / 30 W
LED indicators for power, IP traffic, 100 Mbps