HDMI scaler med (De)+Embedding av ljud

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Denna finns inte längre att få tag på, direkt ersättare är SY-300H-4K22

Perfekt i stora system om en eller några enstaka skärmar inte stödjer systemets ordinarie upplösning, plugga in och bestäm upplösningen själv.

?The SY-300H will allow a HDMI source signal to be scaled up or down to a variety of different resolutions selectable via the OSD (On Screen Display). When set to 'native' mode, the scaler will automatically scale the HDMI input signal to the native resolution of the connected screen. This device also provides 50/60Hz frame rate conversion further enhancing compatibility with AV sources and displays.

In addition, the SY-300H includes integrated audio embedding and de embedding using the Toslink and 3.5mm jack inputs and outputs.


HDMI, HDCP and DVI compliant
Full range of resolutions supported PC from VGA - WUXGA (RB) and HD resolutions from 480i - 1080p
Output resolution can be set to native, which automatically scales the output to the resolution of the connected display
Features 50/60Hz frame rate conversion
Supports 3-D motion video adaptive, 3-D de-interlacing, and 3:2/2:2 pull-down detection and recovery
Provides output picture adjustment on contrast, brightness, hue, saturation, sharpness, RGB (colour tone) level and aspect ratio size
Supported audio HDMI and Toslink : Dolby Digital, DTS, LPCM 5.1 and LPCM 2.0
Supported audio 3.5mm Jack : Analogue stereo audio


1x HDMI [1x Uncompressed AV and Data]
1x Toslink [1x 2 Channel LPCM / Dolby Digital / DTS]
1x USB Type A [1x Service Port Propriety Data]
1x 3.5mm Stereo mini-jack [1x Analogue Stereo(L/R)]

1x HDMI [1x Uncompressed AV and Data]
1x Toslink [1x 2 Channel LPCM / Dolby Digital / DTS]
1x 3.5mm Stereo mini-jack [1x Analogue Stereo(L/R)]

Dimensions:100mm (W) x 150mm (D) x 25mm (H)
Net. Weight:340g
Gross Weight: 600g